Migrate from MyISAM to InnoDB

My topic for today was to migrate a MySQL server with some databases on it from MyISAM to InnoDB. In the end (after having some backups, of course), I wrote the little script below:


for database in $(echo "show databases;" | mysql); do
  case $database in
      echo "Skipping database $database"
      echo "Converting database $database"
      for i in $(echo "show tables;" | mysql $database;); do 
        case $i in 
            echo "....converting $i"
            echo "ALTER TABLE $i ENGINE = INNODB;" | mysql $database;

Just remember to have a file .my.cnf in your home directory containing the username and password of your database administrator.


About Lars Vogdt

This is the private blog space of Lars Vogdt, the topics will be in first place work related.
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