Fixing virtual disk problems

What if your grub loader on a virtual machine is broken – or you need to repair or resize a filesystem in one of your virtual machines?

You want to check the storage of your virtual machines on your virtualization server.

  1. shutdown the virtual machine (or virsh destroy $machine) to make sure nothing else is using the file system
  2. Check for the next available loopback device on your virtualization server: losetup -f  (let’s asume /dev/loop0 for the next steps)
  3. Now attach the device (disk) from your virtual machine as loopback device on your server: losetup /dev/loop0 /dev/mapper/$DEVICE
  4. Use kpartx to discover and device-map the partitions: kpartx -av /dev/loop0
  5. Check the partitioning: fdisk -l /dev/loop0
  6. Extend the partitioning, if you like/need (see the man pages for fdisk and resize2fs, if needed)
  7. Run fsck on the filesystem: fsck -vc /dev/mapper/loop0p2
  8. Mount the filesystem into your local system: mount /dev/mapper/loop0p2 /mnt
  9. Do whatever you want there (or chroot into the filesystem after bind-mounting /proc /sys and /dev for example)
  10. Detach the device from your local system: umount /mnt
  11. Delete the partition mapping for the device: kpartx -dv /dev/loop0
  12. Detach the loop device from your local system: losetup -d /dev/loop0

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