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RackTables: Permissions

Once you figured out how it works, everything is easy – right? As it took me some minutes and some googl’ing to find out how the permission system (Main page -> Configuration -> Permissions) in Racktables work, here is my … Continue reading

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Trap: failover bonding and miimon on directly connected machines

For HA reasons, I setup a cluster of two nodes that are using “bond0” for the external networks and “bond1” for the communication between the two hosts. As I setup the machines in the standard way, the bonding module options … Continue reading

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Short lm_sensors Howto

I’m currently using sensors version 3.3.2 on my ASRock P67 Professional mainboard. To get informed once one of the 3 fans die or the temperature or voltage is getting critical, I use the Nagios plugin “check_sensors”, which is part of … Continue reading

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